Time Management Training

Do you have a large workload and are under pressure to achieve results? Would you like to get more done in less time – improving your time management at work? Would you like to become more efficient yet more relaxed at the same time?

Time Management Training Course Outline

Most of us are super-busy with lots to do in limited time, we may even feel overwhelmed on occasion. How we manage our time, commitments and energy is perhaps the central challenge of the modern workplace. Our time management training courses teach practical tools and includes discussion, group activities and applied exercises. We use both traditional approaches to time management training such as the urgent/important model, innovative interactive training techniques and modern systems like David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” (GTD). The main thrust of our time management workshops is helping delegates get a practical system in place, teaching them distinctions around managing commitments to make best use of time, and giving them tools for supporting this. The courses also include work on the deeper aspects of time management – e.g. emotional causes of procrastination and centring under pressure, as well as well thought-out systems.

Time Management at Work – Learning Outcomes

Participants will leave the time management training with an improved ability to manage their workload. Specifically they will have:

Our time management training has an excellent return on investment as people who have done it will get more done. Workshops can be a half-day (introduction to time management), a full-day (standard time management at work course) or two-days (full time management training). Please note – we provide bespoke group courses and 1-1 coaching not open courses.

Time Management Resources

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