Managing Difficult Behaviour Courses

Does your workplace suffer from difficult behaviour?
Do you have to have skills to manage difficult people at work (be they staff or members of the public)?
Would you like difficult behaviour training to be less stressed and more effective when handling people?

Managing difficult behaviour in the workplace is a part of any manager-s job and doing it skilfully is necessary for efficient work, harmonious relationships and ultimately a healthy bottom-line. In the modern office people are paid to communicate and handling difficult people and behaviour is a crucial workplace skill.

Our managing difficult behaviour training courses are effective and enjoyable. We provide practical behaviour management training, resources and communication tools to help people get the job done. We work with individuals and organisations interested in managing difficult people and behaviour in Brighton (Sussex), Birmingham, London and the South East. We also take an ethical and respectful approach not focusing on “difficult people” but learnt behavioural strategies and ways to develop new ones. We find avoiding labelling and judging to finding underlying motivations and get behind the “difficult” behaviour creates mutual understanding and is what is most effective.

Difficult Behaviour Training Course Outline

Our difficult behaviour management programs are always bespoke, interactive and experiential (we do not provide open public behaviour courses, but do work one-to-one with individuals). A difficult behaviour training course may open with discussion of difficult behaviour (people-s own as well as that of others) and why it matters. Participants will then learn and practice practical behaviour skills. The main model we use is called NonViolent Communication (AKA compassionate communication) invented by Marshall Rosenberg, which involves clear observations, expressing feelings non judgementally, connecting to underlying needs and concrete requests to get the job done.

People on the difficult behaviour training will not only walk away with new knowledge but new practices and commitments for handling difficult behaviour and applying what they have learnt day-to-day. Handouts, difficult behaviour resources and follow-up support after the course to support learning is also provided.

Managing Difficult Behaviour Training can be half a day, one day or two days:

Half-day – Introduction to managing difficult behaviour
Full-day – Standard managing difficult behaviour course
Two Days – In-depth managing difficult behaviour workshop

Related to our managing difficult behaviour training we can also help with:

  • Stress Management Training
  • Assertiveness and Confidence Training
  • Conflict Resolution Training
  • Anger Management Training
  • Burn-out prevention courses
  • Resiliency training
  • Mental toughness training
  • Behavioural Coaching (one-to-one)

Sample Managing Difficult Behaviour Learning Outcomes

Participants will leave the managing difficult behaviour training with:

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