Change Management Training Course

Are you under pressure to innovate and adapt to a changing agenda or marketplace? Would you like change management training for more “grace under fire” when implementing a change program or challenging the status quo? Would you like to embrace change and encourage that response in others?

Change happens, it’s the only constant. Whether it is a planned large-scale change of systems, organisation and infrastructure, or just the gradual progressive change that happens as we adapt our strategies to what’s needed, change happens. In order to maintain a competitive offering as a business or increasingly in public services, change is necessary as it goes hand-in-hand with innovation and development. There is no avoiding change, and, it can be tough to face a changing work environment.

Our change management training program combines methods to develop personal resilience with frameworks for understanding both the nature of organisational change and the emotional and interpersonal dynamics which arise as a result of significant change. In this way we address not just the organisational logistics of change but the human impact as well.

All of our training’s are tailored to your needs and our change management training workshops can be shaped to suit either front line staff facing significant change, or to equip managers with skills to manage both their own responses and the needs of their staff in times of change.

Change Management Training – Learning Outcomes:

  • Improved capacity for staying calm under the pressure of change
  • Knowledge various models such as the ‘change curve’
  • An understanding of typical emotional responses to change
  • Space to address the issues of gain and loss
  • An understanding of the systemic nature of change
  • Knowledge of the difference between ‘consultation’ and ‘command and control’
  • Increased awareness of organisational culture
  • Improved understanding of the need for change
  • Greater understanding of why people resist change
  • “Embodied” tools for change management
  • An understanding of the phases of change from preparation to embedding
  • Techniques and practices to help them embrace change.

Our change management consultation and training is bespoke designed around your needs. We will equip your staff to invest in the process of innovation and learning that is necessary to any successful organisation. Our training can be run as a one day “Basics of Change Management” course or a 2-3 Day “Change Management Training“.

To give you a taste here is a free article on how organisational culture affects change.

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