Our Training Approach

We’re known for the following:

Practical training

What matters most to our clients is that people learn something useful! We provide learning that people can actually use day-to-day to get better results. Transfer back to the workplace is our primary focus.

Bespoke training

We listen to your particular needs and provide training that fits. One size does not fit all.

Interactive training

Just talking at people doesn’t stick and frankly it’s boring. We hate death by PowerPoint. Our trainings are known for being very lively, colourful and interactive so people get the most from the experience and enjoy doing so.

Depth and experience

We’re able to back up what we say in training not just with academic qualifications but with experience of working both in the management training world and in intense and colourful environments worldwide (eg. in war zones). We’ve done this work for quite a while and with all kinds of clients, and at the risk of sounding immodest…it shows.

– Mark Walsh, Integration Training Founder
Brighton, UK

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