Creativity Training and Innovation Courses

Would your organisation benefit from a more creative workforce?

Would dynamic and original problem solving help you?

Does your business – work rely on producing new ideas?

Creativity training courses make organisations that inhabit a rapidly changing world and rely on new ideas more competitive. Creative businesses and other organisations have an edge as nothing stays the same. Creativity is not magic and can be encouraged and trained to generate useful new ideas regularly.

Our creativity training courses are 1/2-2 days in length, highly interactive, enjoyable and practical – we will relate everything we do to your workplace performance and results. We will not only help you come up with many useful ideas on the day but also support you to embed the learning in the real-world. We are based in Brighton (Sussex), London and Birmingham and deliver innovation and creative training courses all over UK and the rest of Europe.

Benefits of Creative Training and Innovation

  • Original new ideas
  • Better ideas generation into the future
  • A more dynamic engaged workforce
  • Greater resilience to change
  • Increased adaptability
  • A more enjoyable workplace (attracting more talented staff an aiding employee retention)

Potential Methods and Topics on Innovation and Creativity Courses

  • lateral thinking
  • thinking hats
  • no talent shows
  • left and right brain thinking
  • embodied creativity and dance
  • music (e.g. drumming)
  • art
  • play
  • creative writing
  • design thinking
  • puzzles
  • idea generating tools
  • practices to embed creativity in your organisation

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