Conflict Resolution Training

Conflict Resolution Training Courses That Work!

Embodied Peacebuilding

Integration Training is the only European training provider of Embodied Peace building workshops – a type of conflict resolution training. These explore how we shape, manage and resolve stress and conflict in our bodies. It is a highly practical approach and one of the most effective conflict resolution courses available.

The conflict resolution courses are enjoyable, experiential and provide practical tools people can use day to day when under pressure. They examine what happens bodily when conflict develops and what can be done about it using breath, posture and movement. They are based on the pioneering work of Dr Paul Linden. The workshop is an excellent resource for those in stressful professions where conflict is present, whether it be boardroom pressure, teaching challenging groups, police or other emergency service work, or the challenges faced by NGO’s. The training improves efficiency,promotes harmonious relationships and reduces trauma and burnout.

Another group of people who benefit from the training workshops are those dealing with anger themselves, whether it be corporate executives looking for anger management training, those at risk of work-stress burnout or troubled young people.

Workshops vary in length from three hours to two days and can be delivered in an office space cleared of desks and to people of all physical abilities. The embodied work can also be delivered side by side with more traditional verbal, emotional and psychological conflict resolution training.

Conflict Management Training

Our conflict management training has been field tested by Integration Training’s lead trainer Mark Walsh (Brighton based) during his time working for non-profit organisations in the Middle East, the Favela slums of Brazil and East Africa. As well as NGO experience in stressful locations he also has an extensive background in bodily arts such as aikido, as well as psychology and verbal/emotional conflict resolution systems such as Non-Violent Communication (NVC).

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