Emotional Intelligence Training

Would you like people in your organisation to have more effective interpersonal skills?

Would more impactful inspiring leadership be beneficial? Would less conflict and greater team cohesion benefit productivity?

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the ability to be aware of and manage, ones own and other’s emotions. It is a crucial management and leadership skill-set with relevance to customer service, appraisals, sales… in fact any area that involves interacting with people. Emotional intelligence management is so important it is three times more likely to predict success than cognitive intelligence*. Our training effectively builds emotional intelligence skills in individuals and teams.

Benefits of Emotional Intelligence Training

After Emotional Intelligence Training staff will:

  • have greater self-awareness
  • have improved self management (e.g. less anger or confidence issues)
  • have better work-related interpersonal skills
  • be better listeners
  • have improved stress management
  • be better at resolving conflict
  • form more effective and harmonious teams
  • be more inspiring leaders with greater personal impact and influence

Emotional Intelligence Courses Details

All our courses are interactive and bespoke, designed around your needs (we find for example that different industries benefit form different aspects of EI). We focus on applications and real-world practice to help learning “stick”. An example of a EI training course we led for Brighton financial services company over six months was:

  • pre-course questionnaires, assessments and reading ahead of the training
  • 1-2 days EI training followed by reminder e-mails
  • a half day follow-up review and revision session 3 months later
  • 1-2 final days training 3 months after that

This type of IE course really embeds the skills and makes a lasting difference. Shorter introductions are also available from half a day.

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Videos on Emotional Intelligence and Management


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