Team Building – Effective Team Integration

Teams that can coordinate efficiently are several times more effective in terms of measurable, bottom-line results than other groups that do not (see, for example Goleman, 1998). At Integration Training, our experience shows that building team cohesion and team integration are crucial to organisational efficiency and performance. Our clients find corporate team building a highly beneficial investment.

Building Teams More Effectively

We build teams in a way that is not only enjoyable, but also highly beneficial to your results. Our approach to building teams connects you and your colleagues to a passionate sense of shared purpose.

You’ll benefit from a shared sense of identity, a clear sense of where the organisation is going, and an understanding of each team members’ roles and personal strengths. We make this all possible through focused discussion, movement and creative exercises – see our Team Development tips on building teams.

Office Team Building

How do we approach team building? While off-site events are popular and may be a fun reward, they often don’t translate in better results in the office. In contrast, our training has ongoing benefits that impact bottom-line results.

Improved team integration helps get the job done better, quicker and more enjoyably. By eliminating travelling time, on-site training is time-efficient, too. A typical bespoke office-based training course incorporates discussion, communication training, emotional intelligence and embodied training.

Team Building Training and Activities

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