Management Training Courses & Management Skills Training

Effective management training courses and management skills training have been shown to improve manager’s results and support an organisation’s bottom-line. Many managers however are promoted on technical expertise and not given the new leadership skills they require to really shine. Effective leadership development and management courses are as necessary for managers as medical training is for doctors or driving lessons are for those new to the road. We also provide leadership development for more senior managers looking to develop their skills more fully and explore leadership in depth.

We take an integral approach to leadership and management skills development and incorporate areas such as emotional intelligence, change management and our speciality – Embodied Management Training – which are often ignored. We work at a transformative rather than “tricks and tips” level, to produce lasting behavioural change. We have become known for our very interactive and engaging training and development method. These go deep quickly and produce long-lasting leadership development.

Effective Leadership and Management Courses

Each Integration Training leadership development course is bespoke, tailored to delivering the skills improvements that your organisation needs. Benefits of our transformational leadership development approach include:

  • Improved personal presence, charisma and gravitas
  • Increased emotional intelligence
  • Better change management skills
  • Improved ability to thrive under pressure
  • Growth in confidence, assertiveness and humility
  • Improved trust-building, communication and listening skills
  • Awareness of corporate bullying and how to avoid it
  • Increased awareness of diversity
  • Improved creativity
  • Inspirational authentic leadership that gets the job done

Specific management and leadership skills we work with include:

  • Delegation and goal setting
  • Appraisals and feedback
  • Time and stress management
  • Team management and team roles
  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Leading effective meetings

Additional management skills courses, and change management courses can be found here.

Personalised Management Coaching

If you require the benefits and flexibility of one-to-one training, our management coaching would be a good fit. Managers of all backgrounds and professions find that coaching helps them stay focused on how best to serve their organisation and how to achieve their own personal goals.

In management coaching you set your agenda and our coach helps you move forward to get results. We can provide in-person coaching in Brighton, London or Birmingham UK, or work with you over the phone/Skype. We work with psychology, language, emotional intelligence and of course embodied practices (e.g. breathing techniques and posture for example). Our coaching increases work performance and enables real change.

To find out more about how our leadership development and management courses or coaching can benefit your organisation or to find out more about our training and development methods contact Integration Training or telephone us on 01273 906828 (International- +44 1273 906828).

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