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Webinar – Facing death to find your life’s work – a free webinar, 14th July 1800-1900 UK time

Only by facing the taboo of death do we realise our life will end and is precious. This is not easy but is worthwhile if you wish to connect to what you care about ...

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Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence tips, what is emotional intelligence (EI/ EQ)? + practical tips and examples on how to to build emotional intelligence at work (often associated with Daniel Goleman) from Integration Training's Mark Walsh.   See more on emotional intelligence training

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Stress at work

Stress at work? Office work stress funny - "Do you have exploding head syndrome?". Stress management, time management funny, resilience and wellbeing training..... to stop it before it goes this far - contact Integration Training    

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Transition at Work – 7 Tips for Coping with Change

Thanks to Rachel Borsch or this guest blog article Change and transition are difficult. These come when we may desire them the least and feel unprepared for what they bring. As a human resources consultant, I help organizations make changes. To be ...

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Work as a Spiritual Practice – How to Turn E-Mail into Meditation

Why Spiritual Practice is Needed at Work Spirituality refers to that which has ultimate meaning, and I would contend that if one is interested in this area it is vital to turn work into a spiritual practice. We spend half of our waking life at ...

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How to build a team – teambuilding at work

Our lead trainer, Mark Walsh, looks at purpose, vision, goals, culture, modelling, types and recruitment, Belbin roles, skills, belonging, authenticity, feedback, gratitude, empathy, trust, embodied practices within team building at work. If you have enjoyed this video you may like to take a look at: Building effective teams Happiness vs Fun

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