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Embodied Yoga Principles – yoga for your whole life

  Embodied Yoga Principles (EYP) creates deep personal insights, and makes yoga more transferable for pragmatic life benefits. You can find out more about EYP on our fabulous new website which we are rather pleased with:  There are videos, teacher and teacher training info, posture photos and much, much more.

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Embodied Life Coaching – video

Stress and thinking with Mark Walsh. How does bodily stress and tension effect thinking? Embodied coaching demonstration with Chris from Grassroots - a local charity.

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Contact Improv – Beautiful Dancing video

A class warm-up led by Charlie Morrisey, everyone looking gorgeous dancing. Contact improv is a free-form postmodern dance where two people make contact and "follow" that seeing what wants to spontaneously emerge. There are few rules and contact is sometimes light, sometimes strong. It can be very or not at all athletic. It's LOTS of fun...even ...

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Workplace stress – video

Workplace stress. Being a Human Being at Work. The way we're working isn't working, with Mark Walsh

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Resilience Video – Love, life & death

Video about resilience. What is strength? Love, resilience, life and death. How can love make you stronger? Full version - with Mark of Integration Training and ex partner Rocio Fatas. We met at Occupy London and both our mum's were nuns.

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Body, mind and spirit – video

Body, mind and spirit. Paul Linden showing how the body, mind and spirit are linked. With help from Rocio Fatas in Brighton, UK after a training hosted by Integration Training.

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