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The Body in Coaching – Embodied approaches, tools and tips

Your body is the ground metaphor of your life, the expression of your existence. It is your Bible, your encyclopaedia, your life story.” - Gabrielle Roth Why the body is important for coaches The body is an integral part of what it means to be human, so ...

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Managing anxiety – tips and techniques

In this video, Mark Walsh discusses a range of different practical anxiety management and anxiety phobia tips. This video includes the "embodied" approach.    

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Anger management

This video looks at how to manage anger and will give you some anger management tips Francis Briers and Mark Walsh discuss techniques for successful anger management including mental and physical techniques to help. If you have anger issues please also seek the advice of a trained therapist. See more information ...

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Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence tips, what is emotional intelligence (EI/ EQ)? + practical tips and examples on how to to build emotional intelligence at work (often associated with Daniel Goleman) from Integration Training's Mark Walsh.   See more on emotional intelligence training

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Comedy Improvisation tips

Check this video out on Comedy Improvisation tips - don't try and be funny, commit, allow, listen, agree, etc With Heather and Jason from The Maydays a Brighton/London based improv group who teach and perform comedy improvisation

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How to communicate effectively – top 10 tips

Communication skills training video, communication tips and effective communication. Covering listening to Nonviolent Communication, you'll learn how to have a conversation communicating emotions, using specific words, and using body language. See more on communication training

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