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How to relax

Mark Walsh shares some stress management tips on how to relax in a lunch break at work to avoid burnout from stress.

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Stress at work

Stress at work? Office work stress funny - "Do you have exploding head syndrome?". Stress management, time management funny, resilience and wellbeing training..... to stop it before it goes this far - contact Integration Training    

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Stress Management Techniques

Mark Walsh shares some stress management techniques in this video - help with stress and for stressed people, work stress management, life stress and general help managing and coping with stress.

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How to be happy

Be happy with practical stress management tips & resilience tips for staying happy, positive, healthy and sane with Mark Walsh of Integration Training and Achilles. The basics of how to be happy - exercise and sleep, centring , cognitive reframing, gratitude, social support and humour are discussed in this video.

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Mark Walsh – Video Bio


An inspiring autobiography of embodiment - Mark Walsh's story. Mark Walsh tells his personal story of how he got to where he is, and what he does and loves doing for a living now. From initial failures in his younger years, Mark has had an interesting journey to becoming Founder and Director of highly successful Brighton ...

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England versus California: Remembering embodiment in the damp and grey

This month's guest blog is by Leela Wendy Fisk who teaches Soul Motion™ in Totnes, Bristol, London and internationally. Somehow, along the path of shooting for liberation, I departed the shackles of self as London state school teacher and instead found myself living and ...

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