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Hot tubs, cold showers or burning beverages?

There are two basic ways of approaching relaxation and stress - one is to relax as much as possible away from stress - this is the basic jacuzzi/spa/oasis model favoured by many yoga and meditation teachers. This approach amounts to providing regular ...

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Embodied Life Coaching – video

Stress and thinking with Mark Walsh. How does bodily stress and tension effect thinking? Embodied coaching demonstration with Chris from Grassroots - a local charity.

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Workplace stress – video

Workplace stress. Being a Human Being at Work. The way we're working isn't working, with Mark Walsh

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How to relax

Mark Walsh shares some stress management tips on how to relax in a lunch break at work to avoid burnout from stress.

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Simple Stress Relief Questions

In this video, Mark Walsh covers 2 stress relief questions and talks about what we can change and what we can't similar to the serenity prayer used by 12-step groups

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Stress at work

Stress at work? Office work stress funny - "Do you have exploding head syndrome?". Stress management, time management funny, resilience and wellbeing training..... to stop it before it goes this far - contact Integration Training    

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