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Coaching, Training and Trauma

This article is useful reading for any trainer or coach to know some of the signs and symptoms of trauma and the effects it can have on learning. Trauma is incredibly common - eg, 80% lifetime prevalence in the UK, and 1 in ...

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Resilience Video – Love, life & death

Video about resilience. What is strength? Love, resilience, life and death. How can love make you stronger? Full version - with Mark of Integration Training and ex partner Rocio Fatas. We met at Occupy London and both our mum's were nuns.

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Psychological Trauma / PTSD Resilience

Video on Psychological Trauma / PTSD Resilience from Mark Walsh, founder of Achilles initiative. Practical techniques for preventing and treating psychological trauma are given.

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Stress at work

Stress at work? Office work stress funny - "Do you have exploding head syndrome?". Stress management, time management funny, resilience and wellbeing training..... to stop it before it goes this far - contact Integration Training    

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How to be happy

Be happy with practical stress management tips & resilience tips for staying happy, positive, healthy and sane with Mark Walsh of Integration Training and Achilles. The basics of how to be happy - exercise and sleep, centring , cognitive reframing, gratitude, social support and humour are discussed in this video.

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Hooked on Helping

Addiction, Stress and Trauma Resilience amongst Aid Workers -  by Mark Walsh, Achilles Initiative I help people, particularly aid workers, stay happy, healthy and sane. One of the issues I come across time and time again is various kinds of addiction. To be blunt - the field is ...

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