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Awareness, Posture and Movement

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Guessing personality – video

What is your body saying? Guessing personality types from posture and movement with Mark Walsh. Based on Embodied Management Training and the work of Rudolf Laban, Dr Richard Strozzi-Heckler and Paul Linden. Obviously this is not a scientific study (though I would love to do one). I mainly say nice ...

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Good Computer Posture Video

In this video Mark Walsh looks at good computer posture and good posture for sitting generally

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The Body of Leadership

An Online Learning Resource We are excited to be able to offer you our innovative online learning package. The course is ground-breaking and practical. It uses the 'embodied' method to work non-athletically with awareness, posture and movement. There are ten hours of high quality video content and personal practices and many demonstrations from several experienced practitioners. More details ...

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A Story of Failure – by Mark Walsh

Brought up by teachers and with a precocious reading habit, school was easy for me as a child. I found book learning straightforward and thought this was the only way to learn that mattered...until my driving test, an important milestone and practical matter ...

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Embodied Training for Coaches, Trainers, Consultants and HR Professionals

Date: Sunday 2nd June & Monday 3rd June 2013 (postponed) Venue: Hong Kong With Mark Walsh of Integration Training, UK Hosted by Emily Chan, Life Coach What does the body have to do with who we are, the impact we make on others and what ...

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