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Meditation, Yoga and Emotional Intelligence in a War Zone

Training in Afghanistan Since delivering resilience training for aid workers and ...

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Soft Skills in Hard Places

This article first appeared on the Training Journal and gives an insight into the training I take into conflict zones.  You can read more about Integration Training's embodied approach which is used both in conflict zones and the corporate world Leadership, Communication & Stress Management Training in Conflict Zones I divide my time between European ...

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Emotions and the Body

New video on emotions and the body:

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Embodied NVC

empathy training

How are emotions, empathy and connection embodied? What roles does the body play in NonViolent Communication? What supplementary physical practices can be used to support and develop NVC? NonViolent Communication is an embodied practice and there are further bodily exercises that ...

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What is Empathy?

A video on "What is Empathy?" relating to the emotional intelligence, leadership ands stress management training of Integration Training. If you liked this you may also like: emotional intelligent communication emotional ...

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Emotionally Intelligent Communication


Here's some tips on emotionally intelligent communication, based upon NonViolent Communication (NVC) by Marshall Rosenberg and used on our communication training courses and emotional intelligence training. Separating Observations from  Judgements in Communication Observations are facts that could be recorded by a video camera that no one would argue with. They are specific, impartial ...

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