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Tag Archive: NonViolent Communication

How to communicate effectively – top 10 tips

Communication skills training video, communication tips and effective communication. Covering listening to Nonviolent Communication, you'll learn how to have a conversation communicating emotions, using specific words, and using body language. See more on communication training

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Words and Imagery

Language “Sticks and stones can only break your bones, but words and pictures can REALLY screw you up” - adopted from Stuart Heller Embodiment primarily concerns the present moment while language is how we coordinate action in the future. We are linguistic creatures and combining the two can be very powerful. All linguistic tendencies (e.g. to say ...

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Bodies Talk

A one day workshop on Nonviolent Communication through the body   Dealing with stress in the moment Connecting with others through the body Express with a new kind of confidence Listen with the whole body We will have a day ...

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How your mind works

Buddhist and NonViolent Communication influenced diagram If you like this diagram why not take a look at: Signs and Symptoms of Stress - video How to Meditate - Mindfulness for Business - video How the Buddha would Facebook - video If your organisation is looking at ...

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Emotions and the Body

New video on emotions and the body:

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Embodied NVC

empathy training

How are emotions, empathy and connection embodied? What roles does the body play in NonViolent Communication? What supplementary physical practices can be used to support and develop NVC? NonViolent Communication is an embodied practice and there are further bodily exercises that ...

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