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Technology and Spirituality

Technology and Spirituality. Ancient wisdom and modern technology - how to integrate the wisdom traditions, embodiment, emotions and meditation with I-phones, e-mail and modern life with Mark Walsh

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How to do Meditation for Beginners

A short video on what beginners need to know about meditation - a quick practical clip of a meditation exercise for beginners. - with Alan Ashley (Jñānagarbha) "The Buddhist Coach" an experienced meditation teacher in the Triratna tradition (formerly FWBO)

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Mindfulness Meditation for Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Video by Taravajra talking about mindfulness meditation for anxiety and panic attacks - a short led meditation for anyone with anxiety, panic attacks, anxiety disorder, GAD, etc Taravajra is an experienced Brighton, UK based meditation, buddhist, yoga and mindfulness teacher:  

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What is meditation?

Meditation is a tool to use your mind well, but what is meditation really? Using the mind on the mind? Paying attention? Mindfulness and awareness? Consciousness? Some clear terms and examples. What is meditation? - with Alan Ashley (Jñānagarbha) "The Buddhist Coach" an experienced meditation teacher in the Triratna tradition ...

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Sex vs Meditation

Sex and mediation are probably my two favourite things, or processes perhaps more accurately. They have some elements in common and some aspects that are different. They are of course both great for you as lots of science I can’t be bothered to do my homework ...

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Meditation, Yoga and Emotional Intelligence in a War Zone

Training in Afghanistan Since delivering resilience training for aid workers and ...

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