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Lose strong.

People keep telling me to be strong. They mean the best of course and I'd like to reply in a few ways. The first is that I AM ...

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Webinar – Facing death to find your life’s work – a free webinar, 14th July 1800-1900 UK time

Only by facing the taboo of death do we realise our life will end and is precious. This is not easy but is worthwhile if you wish to connect to what you care about ...

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Resilience Video – Love, life & death

Video about resilience. What is strength? Love, resilience, life and death. How can love make you stronger? Full version - with Mark of Integration Training and ex partner Rocio Fatas. We met at Occupy London and both our mum's were nuns.

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Embodiment for Life with Mark Walsh London, 24th November 2012, 10-5pm

Our posture, movement and breathing determine what we think, how we feel and what we achieve. Our physical ‘embodied’ presence also affects how we  engage with and are perceived by others.  In fact, most aspects of our work, communication and relationships are embodied, yet ...

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The Six Directions of the Body

A video from Mark Walsh on the 6 Directions of life and leadership embodiment.   If you liked this video you may like to look at the following: Centring - video In Praise of Normal Leadership Rhythms and Life Cycles - extract from Mark Walsh's upcoming book The Body and Leadership. If your organisation ...

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If life were a flight…

if life were a flight

"Welcome abroad life airlines flight 101 destination unknown. The flight will take an indeterminate time and there will certainly be turbulence. There will most likely be delays but we will get you there in the end, no exceptions. Should you wish to arrive early emergency exits are readily accessible though please check with your travel ...

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