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Integral Fitness – What is Fitness Really?

"What is finess really?" Mark Walsh gives us an extended integral definition of fitness is used which nay be surprising as it covers not just our bodies - stamina, strength, etc, but also grace, posture, relaxation, responsiveness, emotions, intuition and more. Integral transformative practice (ITP) and integral life practice is also discussed.

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Weight – Loss as an Example of Successful Behavioural Change

camp dancing at Pride at the weekend

Just under five months ago I decided I didn’t want to get any fatter. I’d gone from athletic to “a bit chubby”, I’d had to have my suits altered, people were noticing and I didn’t ...

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Integral Training – Why Everything Matters

by Mark Walsh  (first published on training Zone) My whole life I have been fascinated by what is left out. Studying psychology I realised much Western education is disembodied so I also perused the martial arts. Learning aikido I found the emotions were not included so I looked into a heart-led system called NonViolent Communication. ...

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Embodied Integral – The Body and Integral Theory

Integration Training are European specialists in embodied management training.  If you would like to learn more about our training follow this link. ........ - An AQAL model of embodied, intelligence phenomena and practices What is exactly is physical intelligence? What are some of the ways your body can be experienced, employed and developed? How do we make sense ...

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Best Training Blog Posts of 2010

best training blog posts of 2010

OK, it's that time of year - here are my best training blogs of 2010 as judged by hits and a little bias from me. I'll be cutting back on blogging in 2011 to focus on writing a book on embodied training but will still publish one quality article a week (mainly with an ...

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Integral Business


Integral business is a “meta-model” as it positions other theories and practices that we use such as embodied training, NonViolent Communication, emotional intelligence, MBTI and psychometrics, systems theory and traditional business models. It is more than a theory for us as it informs and underpins how we do business in the most effective, enjoyable and ethical manner possible.

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