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Leadership styles

Mood - Our Hidden leadership styles, disposition & embodied empathy video - A presentation from Nowhere's evocative leadership event on how as leaders we are predisposed to certain possibilities because of out physical mood. Empathy is also looked at form an embodied perspective. The definition of mood is from from Dr Richard Strozzi-Heckler.

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How to build a team – teambuilding at work

Our lead trainer, Mark Walsh, looks at purpose, vision, goals, culture, modelling, types and recruitment, Belbin roles, skills, belonging, authenticity, feedback, gratitude, empathy, trust, embodied practices within team building at work. If you have enjoyed this video you may like to take a look at: Building effective teams Happiness vs Fun

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The Best Free Christmas Gifts – Top 12

Free Christmas Present

I love the spirit of generosity and giving of Christmas and hate the consumerist nightmare it’s turned into. Rather than complain about the latter however I thought I’d share my ideas on top free gifts for Christmas ...

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Training with Heart

Does your training have “heart”? What is “heart” anyway and why might this be a question worth asking? In this article I make a plea for trainers to bring their humanity to work, champion the passionate and connect with their deepest values. Having become ...

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Embodied NVC

empathy training

How are emotions, empathy and connection embodied? What roles does the body play in NonViolent Communication? What supplementary physical practices can be used to support and develop NVC? NonViolent Communication is an embodied practice and there are further bodily exercises that ...

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What is Empathy?

A video on "What is Empathy?" relating to the emotional intelligence, leadership ands stress management training of Integration Training. If you liked this you may also like: emotional intelligent communication emotional ...

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