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Technology and Spirituality

Technology and Spirituality. Ancient wisdom and modern technology - how to integrate the wisdom traditions, embodiment, emotions and meditation with I-phones, e-mail and modern life with Mark Walsh

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Integral Fitness – What is Fitness Really?

"What is finess really?" Mark Walsh gives us an extended integral definition of fitness is used which nay be surprising as it covers not just our bodies - stamina, strength, etc, but also grace, posture, relaxation, responsiveness, emotions, intuition and more. Integral transformative practice (ITP) and integral life practice is also discussed.

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Training with Heart

Does your training have “heart”? What is “heart” anyway and why might this be a question worth asking? In this article I make a plea for trainers to bring their humanity to work, champion the passionate and connect with their deepest values. Having become ...

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The Rise of Conscious Business

Why Everything Matters and How Values are Re-entering the Workplace - by Mark Walsh Imagine two scenes - both real possibilities, several decades from now after you have finished working. Possibility one: You are retired and wealthy, living in a beautiful gated compound. Outside social injustice has led to endemic violence and the air is ...

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Emotions and the Body

New video on emotions and the body:

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Triune Brain Theory – 3 Brains of Training

The Triune Brain

Surprisingly we don’t have one brain but three, and they are all important for training. The triune brain theory maps our brain’s evolution and was developed by Paul D MacLean starting in 60‘s and fully developed by his 1990 book 'The Triune Brain in Evolution'. Essentially this model divides the modern human brain into three parts, ...

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