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Brighton – The Yoga of Attraction, Love and Relationships, Sunday 18th September

The yoga of attraction, love and relationships - an Embodied Yoga Principles workshop for people who like cuddling other people - Using yoga to improve your ability to attract, nourish and let go of intimacy Yoga can be used to become stretchy or relaxed, but ...

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Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence tips, what is emotional intelligence (EI/ EQ)? + practical tips and examples on how to to build emotional intelligence at work (often associated with Daniel Goleman) from Integration Training's Mark Walsh.   See more on emotional intelligence training

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Meditation, Yoga and Emotional Intelligence in a War Zone

Training in Afghanistan Since delivering resilience training for aid workers and ...

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Emotional Intelligence and Leadership

This guest blog by Andy Smith is about emotional intelligence and how it relates to leadership. Many people still think that emotions just get in the way of rational decision-making, and that they have no value in the modern workplace. It’s true that if someone isn’t managing their emotions, and they’re erupting with anger all ...

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A Story of Failure – by Mark Walsh

Brought up by teachers and with a precocious reading habit, school was easy for me as a child. I found book learning straightforward and thought this was the only way to learn that mattered...until my driving test, an important milestone and practical matter ...

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I Sing the Body Electric – 21st Century

A poem that collates many quotes about embodiment - Integration Training's specialism.

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