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Brighton – Masterclass in Embodiment For Trainers & Coaches with Paul Linden, 13th Sept 2017

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Brighton – Working with the body for trainers and coaches with Mark Walsh, 12th Sept 2017

This is an experiential training for those wishing to develop practical skills working with the body in training and coaching. Using posture, breathing and movement helps clients go deep quickly and creates lasting results. This training ...

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London – The psychology of partner yoga, Embodied Yoga Principles workshop with Mark and Mayan – 19th March 2017

What does partner/ Acro Yoga show us about how we build relationships of all kinds? How can we support our connection and communication with others through the practice of yoga? This original gem of a workshop will explore what's going on psychologically and emotionally ...

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Coaching in war zones

Doing a call for the International Coach Federation soon. Title on their request: "coaching in war zones". Now I don't want to overstate this as visiting a few dodgy places is not the same as being in the SAS or whatever, but some places do stay with you. Pictured: Ethiopia, Sierra leone and slums of Brazil ...

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Brighton – Money, sex and power, an Embodied Yoga Principles workshop – 18th February 2017

Money, sex and power, an Embodied Yoga Principles workshop

A ...

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Brighton – An Embodied Yoga Principles workshop for men, 15th January 2017

  Be twice as handsome in 2017 (authentically, without conforming) In this workshop we’ll explore what makes men truly attractive. You’ll double your manly gorgeousness, double you dating, and double your mating – without bullshit conformity, lies or nasty ...

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