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Shadow and the Embodied Unconscious

Definition: “Shadow” is those parts of ourselves we repress and deny, and may actively project as a result. It is not easy to uncover as it’s by definition not just unconscious, but actively kept that way. It’s when we say, “that isn’t ...

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Stuttgart, Germany – Working with the Body for Trainers and Coaches, 5th November 2014

This is a practical, experiential training for those who want to develop skills working with the body in training, coaching and facilitating. Using posture, breathing and movement helps clients go deep quickly and creates lasting results. This training will equip you with both greater understanding and ...

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Hong Kong – Working with the Body for Trainers and Coaches – 14 to 16 November 2014

First time in Hong Kong: Working with the Body for Trainers and Coaches - Get fast results with your clients and yourself. A practical, experiential training for professionals who want to develop skills working with the body in training, coaching and facilitating. Our embodiment determines how we ...

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How to run effective meetings

The following is some advice on running effective meetings: Who should chair? A good chair is a fair person who likes to listen but has the confidence to interrupt people. They should be relatively uninvolved emotionally with the subject of the meeting. I don’t recommend the boss ...

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Webinar: Working with the Body in Training and Coaching

body online

With Mark Walsh 16 December, 1900 UK time 12 February, 1800 UK time Are you a coach or trainer who would like to learn more about working with the body? What we think, how we feel and what we are capable of doing is determined ...

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England versus California: Remembering embodiment in the damp and grey

This month's guest blog is by Leela Wendy Fisk who teaches Soul Motion™ in Totnes, Bristol, London and internationally. Somehow, along the path of shooting for liberation, I departed the shackles of self as London state school teacher and instead found myself living and ...

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