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How to run effective meetings

The following is some advice on running effective meetings: Who should chair? A good chair is a fair person who likes to listen but has the confidence to interrupt people. They should be relatively uninvolved emotionally with the subject of the meeting. I don’t recommend the boss ...

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International Business – Cross-Cultural Communication

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What is a Body? New Perspectives on Flesh

We all have a body and we know what it is right? Well, sort of...there are many models for what a body is and which you believe has huge implications. Consider the first sentence for example, it is normal to say we “have” ...

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Mobile vs Embodied Connection

I recently led a workshop on connection as part of the Critical Incident in Brighton. We explored embodied connection through various touch and movement practices, and compared these connections through mobile devices and social media. The former is what I do for a living ...

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Soft Skills in Hard Places

This article first appeared on the Training Journal and gives an insight into the training I take into conflict zones.  You can read more about Integration Training's embodied approach which is used both in conflict zones and the corporate world Leadership, Communication & Stress Management Training in Conflict Zones I divide my time between European ...

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Why ‘Game-Based Learning’ doesn’t require a broadband connection

We welcome this guest blog from Matt Lent of 'Game Train'. Matt is a qualified community development worker.  He has worked supporting the growth of cohesive and collaborative communities for over 15 years, ranging from social enterprises to schools, local authorities and residential centres.  For many years he worked as the ...

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