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Transition at Work – 7 Tips for Coping with Change

Thanks to Rachel Borsch or this guest blog article Change and transition are difficult. These come when we may desire them the least and feel unprepared for what they bring. As a human resources consultant, I help organizations make changes. To be ...

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Managing Change

Many thanks to Cath Davies for this guest blog. Cath is a Business Improvement Consultant. This article was first published in the Chartered Institute of Housing’s “i-opener”, January 2012. ___________________________________________________________________   If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading” Lao Tzu “ In the context of ...

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How to Make Effective New Year’s Resolutions (and generally do stuff differently)

New Year's resolutions

So you want to change? Really? At this time of year many people have taken stock and decided they want to alter some aspect of their lives, setting goals and trying to establish effective New Year’s resolutions. Most of these people fail miserably and ...

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Weight – Loss as an Example of Successful Behavioural Change

camp dancing at Pride at the weekend

Just under five months ago I decided I didn’t want to get any fatter. I’d gone from athletic to “a bit chubby”, I’d had to have my suits altered, people were noticing and I didn’t ...

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Best Training Blog Posts of 2010

best training blog posts of 2010

OK, it's that time of year - here are my best training blogs of 2010 as judged by hits and a little bias from me. I'll be cutting back on blogging in 2011 to focus on writing a book on embodied training but will still publish one quality article a week (mainly with an ...

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Business Training Trends in 2011

hot 2011 trends

Here is my subjective take on what will be hot and what will be err…not, in business training in 2011. I’d take these training trends with a pinch of salt as my bias is very evident – other opinions are very welcome.

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