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Shadow and the Embodied Unconscious

Definition: “Shadow” is those parts of ourselves we repress and deny, and may actively project as a result. It is not easy to uncover as it’s by definition not just unconscious, but actively kept that way. It’s when we say, “that isn’t ...

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Integral Embodied Yoga

- What a modern, well-rounded approach to yoga could look like by Mark Walsh and Annabel Broom Intro Much yoga today isn't embodied. What I mean by this is that many modern Western asana classes work ON the body as a THING, rather than relate WITH the body ...

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How to be Happy

Mark Walsh shares his tops tips for how to keep happy, healthy and sane. His first top tip is to cover all the basics first - exercise, diet and sleep. He also talks about centring , cognitive reframing, gratitude, social support and humour.  

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England versus California: Remembering embodiment in the damp and grey

This month's guest blog is by Leela Wendy Fisk who teaches Soul Motion™ in Totnes, Bristol, London and internationally. Somehow, along the path of shooting for liberation, I departed the shackles of self as London state school teacher and instead found myself living and ...

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A Story of Failure – by Mark Walsh

Brought up by teachers and with a precocious reading habit, school was easy for me as a child. I found book learning straightforward and thought this was the only way to learn that mattered...until my driving test, an important milestone and practical matter ...

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The Science of Embodiment

Is There An Evidence-Base For Embodied Training? Embodiment is the study of the subjective aspect of the body. If the standard medical model sees the body as an object, a thing, embodiment concerns the body as who we are - an I. It is ...

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