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How to run effective meetings

The following is some advice on running effective meetings: Who should chair? A good chair is a fair person who likes to listen but has the confidence to interrupt people. They should be relatively uninvolved emotionally with the subject of the meeting. I don’t recommend the boss ...

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Paris – Embodied Training and Coaching, June 25th, 26th 2014

An experiential dive into the depths of embodied training and coaching for coaches who have already trained in the basics. - Practical coaching tools – a review and deepening of classic techniques and some new ones - The meta models experienced embodied trainers are (mostly ...

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Leadership Through The Body – Brighton 17th January 2014

Embodied Training for Coaches, Trainers, Consultants and HR Professionals Friday 17th January 2014, 10am-5pm With Francis Briers of Integration Training Our posture, movement and breathing determine what we think, how we feel and what we ...

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How Kindness Sucks

Why Charities’ Stress Management is Worse Than Business’ I come from a non-profit sector background and now provide training in leadership, resilience and stress management. I work with both businesses and charities and have noticed some differences in these groups. Based on ...

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Creativity and Business

I lead creativity training for businesses and other organisations. Given the ever changing nature of the world creativity has moved from the domain of specific departments such as advertising, to become everyone’s concern and a basic leadership skill. In a fast moving world ...

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How to meditate – Mindfulness for business

Mindfulness and business meditation has been part of Integration Training’s stress management and leadership workshops for some years and we now have a video I'd like to share with you. Thanks to Chris Hoyle (aka Tejamitra) who is an experienced mindfulness teacher. If you have enjoyed this video you may like ...

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