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Leadership Rhythms – Life Cycles

Extract from the upcoming book The Body and Leadership. .................. “To everything there is a season...a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to reap that which has been planted” Ecclesiastes 3:2, The Bible   Life is not just ...

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Putting The Tools to Use – Working on Yourself


The further extract from my upcoming book The Body and Leadership, ............. By now you will be beginning to develop a good tool-bag of models, practices, tips and techniques. You have many of the tools necessary to transform yourself into an outstanding leader, whether that be in your chosen profession, parenting or just life in general. ...

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4 elements

The latest extract from my upcoming book The Body and Leadership, what type are you?   .............. Types are convenient maps for understanding the infinite variety and richness that exists between people. Types enable us to make sense of our own complexity to build ...

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Chapter 5 – More Tools, Types and Timing

The fifth chapter from my upcoming  book – The Body and Leadership Flavours of human and the groves you’re already dancing to In this chapter we’ll develop out embodied tool kit further, introduce rhythms and describe some types of people and what their posture and movements are like. Multiple Centres? In chapter four we learnt to get ourselves together ...

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The Body and Leadership – Chapter 4 Narrative Extracts

A deeply personal narrative extract from my upcoming book The Body and Leadership ................ Cambridge, 30th August to 1st September 1996 The Body Off Centre I storm out of the pub into a stormy Cambridge night. Rain hisses like angry vipers as it hits my skin. I’m napalm. I’m rage incarnate. I’m hurt and I want to ...

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The Body and Leadership – Chapter 3 Narrative Extracts

Here are the supporting narrative extracts from chapter three of my upcoming book The Body and Leadership. ..............................   12th September 2004, Somewhere over the Mediterranean The Body of Dreams My eyes bulge paranoid as I try to get my bearings. When you wake up quick, for the first few seconds you don’t know who or where you ...

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