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Amsterdam – Working with the Body for Coaches & Trainers, Saturday 9th January 2016

This is an experiential training for those wishing to develop practical skills working with the body in training and coaching. Using posture, breathing and movement helps clients go deep quickly and creates lasting results. This training will give you ...

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The Successful Styles of a Leader

There are many different methods of leading a group of people, a natural leader will often employ a number of these methods and adjust them in order to lead a variety of different people and personality types. If you’re struggling to connect with your employees ...

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Being Attractive for men and women

Here's some ways to be attractive through body language - embodiment more accurately. Focusing on the embodied aspects.

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Body Language & World Culture – Different Countries

In this video Mark Walsh takes a look at body language in different countries and world culture.   This video includes an "embodied" approach. The embodied work practiced by Mark Walsh and Integration Training is based upon a number of disciplines such as aikido, meditation, body therapy and dance.    

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How to Facilitate Embodiment – A General Model

While there is no by-the-book, one-size-fits-all method for teaching/coaching with embodied exercises, it is usually wise to consider (and not confuse) the following aspects: CAMPCRAP: Connection, Aim, Motivation, Practice Method, Consequences, Results, Application, Practice Connection -   Develop a helpful relationship with the learners This might be achieved though eye contact, ...

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Leadership Body Language

Leadership body language. What is the relationship between body language and leadership skills? This leadership video shows the power of embodied leadership from Mark Walsh, an expert in leadership development through body being. In this video, there are examples of observing body language and leadership embodied. How is the body a communication barrier? What are ...

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