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London – The psychology of partner yoga, Embodied Yoga Principles workshop with Mark and Mayan – 10th September 2017

What does partner/ Acro Yoga show us about how we build relationships of all kinds? How can we support our connection and communication with others through the practice of yoga?  This original gem of a workshop will explore what's going on psychologically and emotionally when we ...

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London – Embodying self-care, an Embodied Yoga Principles workshop – 3rd September, 2017

Whether we want to change the world, have healthy relationships or just feel good, self-care is fundamental. Because of how we’re raised and the challenges of everyday life, many of us struggle with this. As well as using the tools of yoga ...

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London – Deep Flow, an Embodied Yoga Principles workshop – 23rd July, 2017

-With Luisa and Mark 

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Brighton – Bodywork for Coaches, Trainers and Therapists Intensive – with Paul Linden, assisted by Mark Walsh, 14th-17th Sept 2017

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Brighton – Masterclass in Embodiment For Trainers & Coaches with Paul Linden, 13th Sept 2017

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Brighton – Working with the body for trainers and coaches with Mark Walsh, 12th Sept 2017

This is an experiential training for those wishing to develop practical skills working with the body in training and coaching. Using posture, breathing and movement helps clients go deep quickly and creates lasting results. This training ...

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