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Where business training, management & leadership training, time & stress management, coaching and team building meet "alternative" content. For all who integrate BOTH worlds as human business beings - to benefit themselves, their work and the world.

Mark Walsh’s 10 Rules of Movement

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Chaos by Rachel Blackman – Embodiment and Performance Expert

Chaos. We spend much of our lives desperate to reign it in, manage it, wrangle it, train it out of ourselves, our children. But it will get us in the end. ignore it long enough and it will run rampant. Burst forth through your well managed edges. Trimmed hedges. Entropy is an inescapable fact, death comes ...

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Embodiment Reading and Resource List

Essential Reading - Mandatory - One book per module Move to Greatness - Ginny Whitelaw and Betsy Wetzig A clear embodied typology with a business focus. Her model has lots in common with 4 elements. A great resource for developing practices early in the course Body Psychotherapy - Nick Totten A readable survey ...

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Embodied Yoga AKA Life Leadership Yoga – by Mark Walsh

- Yoga as education and playground, because long hamstrings and breathy voices don't help much - Not your momma’s yoga, not your great Indian grandmama’s yoga, not that skinny girl from the magazine’s yoga. Modern depth yoga for real life. This is a holding page for the embodied ...

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Brighton – Addiction Education For Facilitators, 3rd July 2015

Addiction affects many people and is something trainers and coaches will come across which will have an impact on their work. This introductory day will explore some of the key issues though presentation, interactive exercises and discussion to better equip facilitators for working with this area ...

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Brighton – Introduction to Trauma for Trainers and Coaches, 4th August

...with Mark Walsh who will be assisted and supported by experienced therapist Miche Tetley. Trauma is very common (80% lifetime prevalence in the UK) that deeply effects learning and coaching relationships. This workshop introduces you to the fundamentals of what trauma is, how it matters as a ...

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