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Tel Aviv – Embodied Peacebuilding Workshop – 19th July

Peace starts at home in the body. Many good verbal approaches to peacebuilding are undermined by the physiological “fight or flight” response but happily there are tool for managing this. Trust, relationship, emotions and listening also happen though the body yet this area is usually ignored in our cerebral world. This practical experiential workshop teaches enjoyable methods of using the body in peacebuilding. Developed from aikido and other embodied practices by Dr Paul Linden and Mark Walsh it is being taught for the first time in Israel this week. Come if you’d like:

-  a deeper understanding as why the body is vital for peace

-  tools for building trust and relationship with movement and touch

-  “centering” techniques to manage the fight or flight response

-  embodied listening techniques

-  exercises and games to teach embodied peacebuilding yourself

Who this workshop is for

Anyone interested in peace may come but we are specifically aiming the day for people who already work with others:

-  teachers

-  facilitators

-  trainers

-  coaches

-  therapists



With Mark Walsh

Mark Walsh is a leading European specialist in embodiment. He founded Integration Training ( the first embodied training company in the UK who have major business clients, and The Embodied Facilitator Course ( which attracts students from all over the world to train as teachers.  He has worked in peacebuiding in Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, the slums of Brazil, Ethiopia and visited Israel several times before.

Date: Saturday 19th July

Cost - Free for Israel during wartime (usual price in $200 per person), donations for venue welcome

English with translation

Venue: Integral Dojo: HaAhim MiSlavuta St 7, 67010, Israel

Times: 9am-5.30pm: please arrive 8.45. No admittance after 9.05

Details and booking (places limited) contact: Merav Golani:


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