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Coaching in war zones

Doing a call for the International Coach Federation soon. Title on their request: “coaching in war zones”. Now I don’t want to overstate this as visiting a few dodgy places is not the same as being in the SAS or whatever, but some places do stay with you.

Pictured: Ethiopia, Sierra leone and slums of Brazil (bullet holes in a school). Plenty of peace building trips to Israel/Palestine and trauma work Ukraine too obviously – met my wife in workshop there for therapists in the war, and taught soldiers trauma education two days before my wedding. Afghanistan not shown as phone stolen there. Some other places I can’t talk about 

These experiences add some credibility to what I do many clients say, and for me it was important to test my edge. I’ve always liked intensity and been compelled to see when things break in including myself…and what is possible. Personally I like to remember them when things are stressful in normal life like now, to remind myself I’ve been though some stuff and come out fine. Our capacities are higher than we might imagine.…/coaching-in-warzones/


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