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Webinar: Introduction to finding your purpose and selling it -with Mark Walsh, 30th June and 5th July

A free webinar on not wasting your life.

I’ve been developing a body of work on working through embodiment to find and sell your life’s work. I’ve been swamped with requests for coaching sessions and it’s a coupe of months until the online learning comes out so I thought I’d give away the best of what I’ve learnt free by webinar.

What you’ll get:
- how to focus in on your calling
- how to quickly identify strengths
- how to work out what “success” means to you
- ways of unblocking your bullshit and baggage
- the essential basics of marketing you need no matter how good at your work you art

I’ll keep it practical, no bullshit, all my best tips and tricks.

30th June 1800-1900 UK time
and 5th July 1800 – 1900 UK time

Registration required – mail Mark

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Guidance for single men on finding your life partner. You might not like it as I'm not pulling punches, and women probably shouldn't read it, but trust it's from love. I'm just married and may just have got lucky of course, and newly-weds are fucking insufferably smug, ...

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Brighton – Yoga passion and purpose, an Embodied Yoga Principles workshop – 3rd July 2016

A workshop With Mark Walsh and Vidyadasa to get clearer about what you really care about and want to contribute to the world. Using asana we will explore what our passions in life are and what our calling may be to serve others through work. Come ...

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Saltbox Training in Frome: Introduction to Embodied Learning for Trainers, Coaches and Facilitators – 12th October 2016

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Derby – Embodied Yoga Workshop, 14 May 2016

Embodied Yoga uses asana practice for personal insight and to build skills for life. It helps with these questions: - What can yoga teach me about myself and how I live? - What matters most to me and how can yoga benefit this? - What personal qualities would I ...

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