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The pressure of being every happy and perfect

Let’s end the fake white teeth permasmiles and the glorification of awesome. How am I today as a Buddhist life coach and yoga dude? I’m tired and screw you, how about yourself? There’s a pressure to be ever happy and perfect in any kind of personal growth profession that can be really stifling and lead to huge shadow. It’s subtly reinforced daily online and few in the trade have the courage to have an openly bad day lest they be judged. Social media generally has it to some extent where people only share the best bits of their lives and not the rest, creating distorted comparisons, but this combined with the insecurities of my trade is really toxic…ah…honesty…doesn’t that feel better  :-)  …oh damn, my mood is lifting now!!

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Morges – Embodiment for Leadership in Life with Mark Walsh

Our embodiment – our posture, movement and breathing – determine what we think, how we feel and what we achieve. Our physical ‘embodied’ presence also affects how we engage with and are perceived by others. In fact, most aspects of our work, ...

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The simple experiences often matter more

It's typical in personal growth to focus on intensity and highs - the big tearful "breakthroughs", the hottest baddest yoga classes, the most full-on extreme experiences... and these can have their place. I've also found that the simple experiences often matter more. The giving and receiving ...

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Five ways yoga, dance and martial arts make people LESS in touch with their bodies

1. Intensity - If an exercise is overwhelming it will encourage people to ignore their bodies. 2. Performance and form - If the focus of a system is how a body looks, or conforming to a form, this will be the ...

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What mentors can pass on

Last week I was working for the first time as a true colleague with one of my four main mentors (Paul Linden). I'm still not as experienced as him of course but I bring something to the party and we balance and learn from ...

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Laying into ‘Deepak ChOprah’ and Others

A friend got upset today because I laid into Oprah Winfrey. Others find it confusing when I criticise Deepak Chopra, Byron Katie or the mainstream yoga scene, so I'd best explain myself for being so unpositive :-) Why do I aim vitriol here, ...

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